Our name comes from Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuches, an indigenous group from southern Chile, and means wood, energy and water.

What we do

At Mapeko we understand that those responsible for the climate crisis: Producers, Legislators, Consumers and the Media, are not making sufficient efforts to stop it in time. Our solution is to create a network of Mapeko organizations that convene citizens, accompany companies and guide decision makers, so that together we can make the political and cultural changes that are needed to stop the climate disaster that we face.


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Mapeko was born in March 2019 in Santiago de Chile, with the aim of creating the largest movement against the climate crisis in Latin America.


It was a year of planning, in which we started with five volunteers and ended with 30. Due to the social outbreak of October 2019 in Chile, we were unable to carry out face-to-face activities that year.


2020 was a year of validation. After the social outbreak came the pandemic, so we had to quickly adapt our way of working, so, during the first half of the year, we realized that we were doing things right, and we decided it was time to take Mapeko to other countries. Taking advantage of virtuality, during the second half of the year we reached another 15 countries in the region, where we began to train new teams that would build the organization in their countries. This year we started with 80 volunteers and ended with 300.


2021 was a year of consolidation. We realized that our model worked in all the countries we had expanded to, so we had to ensure that we maintain a solid foundation on which we will build the largest movement against the climate crisis in the region. This year we started with 600 volunteers and we ended up with 1,000.


2022 has been a year of expansion. We decided that we no longer want to be the largest movement against the climate crisis in Latin America, but in the world. This year we started the expansion to another 15 countries, this time in North America, Europe and Oceania.


Every year that goes by we break our own record of impact, we are in a process of constant improvement, which will undoubtedly lead us to meet our objectives.