Climate Crisis Summit

International event where we collect local environmental problems and present them as input to governments to seek solutions.

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Climate Crisis Summit

One of the main characteristics of Mapeko is that it is an international organization. We know that joint action at the global level is much more effective than independent national action, and in a context as critical as the one presented by the climate crisis, cooperation between nations is a necessity.

Starting this year we will hold the Summit for the Climate Crisis, an event that will bring together representatives from all the countries in which we are present, from academia, governments, the private sector, students, rural communities and social organizations, in order to raise and make visible the local environmental problems that we face in different countries.

Do you feel identified with this cause and want to contribute?

You can make a direct donation to our organization so that we can work exclusively on this cause.

If I donate, where will my money go?

The donation will be delivered to the country you select and will be used exclusively for this cause, in order to expand its impact.