Dominga Port Mining Project: Future Sacrifice Zone?

There are numerous socio-environmental conflicts in our country, Chile, whose legislation and application of environmental regulations show obvious shortcomings. On this occasion we are located in the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, located between the Atacama and Coquimbo regions, home to dozens of native species of flora, fauna and fungi of the country, in addition to […]

Legal framework for the protection of the environment in Ecuador

Ecuador is the first and only country in the world to incorporate the rights of nature in its Magna Carta in 2008, this constitution has its foundations based on fundamental concepts of “Sumak Kawsay” which means “fullness of life” is an ancestral Andean conception that It refers to a dignified life in harmony and balance […]


The issue to be addressed is the management of solid waste generated by the population in Uruguay, particularly in the department of Montevideo. It is a problem due to the high volumes of solid waste generated by the population, which if not planned, managed and controlled efficiently and sustainably over time, affects the environment and […]

Organic Waste in Chile

In Chile, about 58% of municipal solid waste corresponds to organic waste, representing more than double the other fractions (plastic, cardboard, glass, and cans, among others). Annually this corresponds to about five million tons of organic waste generated in the country, however, its recovery rate is less than 1% (MMA 2020).

Peatlands: The unknown ecosystem that protects us from climate change

Peat bogs are the largest wetlands on the planet. The Southern Hemisphere is home to 5% of the world’s peatlands and most of them are found in Patagonia. In this document you will find the answers to how peat bogs were formed, and what are the ecosystem roles they fulfill. In Chile today, they face […]